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composer/sound designer



On the information superhighway, individuals around the world become connected in ways they never dreamed of before. Like minds meet and exchange ideas at the speed of thought, millions of times every day. The home PC patched into the world wide web becomes like a neuron in a vast global brain. Cultures collide, mingle, scatter to the four winds, collect in fertile areas across the planet.

Geographic boundaries disappear. Revolution is at hand.

In 1999, a chance online meeting of two cultural castaways became a mutual obsession. Once the initial setup of software was in place, the music started to flow. DnB collided with techno, jazz, funk, and classical as files were transferred back and forth from California to France. The end result was greater than the sum of its parts.

Dreamsher and Daytuner are now living together, creating music from the comfort of their home studio. They’re still castaways, but at least they’re on the same island together.

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